Have you seen this new trend with Wedding Guestbooks?  I came across this trend months ago, love it! Instead of using your normal guestbook at your Wedding, the trend now is creating or getting guestbooks that you can actually hang up in your home as a print.

Think about how awesome this is. If you are married, how often would you say you and the hubby get that guestbook out from your wedding? Or another good question, where is that guestbook right now? Instead of having a memento of something that you might never get back out or only see on Anniversaries, how about getting something that you can get framed and hang up as part of your decor? That’s the whole point behind this new trend for Wedding Guestbooks. It’s about having your guests sign something on a big enough print to go along with your home decor. You can walk by it each day, have it out in the open on the walls so that you can always enjoy the memory of your big day and see the family and friends that showed up to share that day with you.

I’m still working on some designs for these, but i did put some together. I haven’t seen much for the Military and since i started my website over 13 + years ago, i am partial to helping out the Military and their spouses. I created some Marine Corps Wedding Guestbooks, these have been hit, everyone has loved these!

Remember: For now, i am selling these through my Etsy. To make a purchase be sure to read each description. These are Printable’s, nothing gets shipped to you. I create your design and send you the file. That allows you to print them off anywhere you want, any local print shop or even Walmart.



Click through to visit my Etsy and see more information. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, Contact Me.

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