Recently, I have started doing coupons. Now, i’m in no way an extreme couponer and ever trip to the store I am learning more and more. But, after doing this for only about a month and halg, I do have a nice size stockpile building up for my family and I 🙂 and with that being said.. I’d like to document my Couponing Journey 🙂

This was my first my couponing trip. I did some research, bought newspapers and also joined a few coupon groups Facebook. This trip, again being my first trip, totals to 3 stores. I’ll do the breakdowns below, but agian keep in mind this was my first trip.

Loreal Shampoo and Conditioner – These were on sale for 4.99, i have two $4 off coupons, so they were basically fee. I just had to pay tax on them which was $0.46!

If you do not have an ExraCare Card, get one! CVS has some great benefits, you can either get stuff really cheap or even for free! They have ExtraBucks which get printed at the end of your reciept when you buy the qualifying items and then they have the Cash Card, when you buy 30 mix and match of certains items, you get a 10 Cash Card that you can use on your next purchase.

The Playtex, Deodarant and Purex were at CVS. My Oop (Out of Pocket) cost was $20.86 with $4 ExtraBucks back. I had $2 Off 2 Coupons and $3.00 off coupon on Playtex. If you subtract the $4 from my Oop it would really be $16.86 spent. The ExtraBucks i am getting back, even though i am paying money out of pocket, i am getting that money back.

Milk and Eggs Deal – If you purchased I cant believe its not butter, you got free Kroger eggs. I also have $2.00 off coupon for the butter, so this was pretty much free.

I only went here because i had a $2.00 Coupon on any size Persil Laundry Detergant.

My total Oop (Out of Pocket) was $36.00, again..first coupon trip!

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