I never thought in my entire life that i would be someone who uses coupons. It was nothing against people that coupon or coupons in general, it just never interested me…and add in the fact that when i want to go to store i want to be in and out of there with a quickness.  Well, lately that has all changed…

I have expanded my family from just myself and son, to my wonderful amazing boyfriend and our new babygirl (just had her in March 2015). With our family expanding, a growing 4 year old appetite and the endless amount of laundry that we do. I wanted to figure out how i could save money at the grocery stores. It seemed like i was going shopping just about every week. We needed to cut that back, stock up on things and save money in the process.

Our family has expanded, we just welcomed a new addition to the family,our babygirl was born in March. I also have my 4 year old son and my amazing boyfriend. You can imagine with a family of 4 now, a newborn, and a growing 4 year old at home, we seemed to be shopping just about every week. The amount of laundry we do, is endless. The numerous trips to the grocery store, just wasn’t working out. I had to figure out how i could save money on the things we are going through and buying all the time. I was in no way expecting to be an extreme couponer, i honestly just wanted to give my family a little stock pile.

So, i began buying newspapers and cutting coupons! With some research and help fellow couponer friend, i found that i can do really good at CVS! I never ever would have thought that CVS is the place i would be getting all of my stuff from. But CVS has this thing called Extra Reward Bucks. When you use your Extra Care card and purchase select items. You get extra bucks back for those items printed on your receipt and you can use it for your next purchase. When putting coupons onto those sales, plus the extra bucks…for some things it actually totals to getting them for free!

Everything in this picture and the images below were purchased from CVS, using my Coupons and Extra Reward Bucks. I must say, i have been pleasantly surprised at how well i have been doing. Don’t get me wrong, there are things i am still learning and could be doing much better at, but i have only been doing this for about 2 months. I have an entire utility shelf filled with Laundry Detergents, At least 10 Body washes, 10 Shampoos and Conditioners, Toothpaste and Deodorant.

See previous posts on breakdown of items.



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